PAS:ELY Design 

   Planners Associate System:Exterior Landscape for Yourlife  



私達 パセリデザインのスタッフはその基本精神で

Parsley is put so that a dish may look good.
We're doing such work.
A plant is planted so that a building may look more beautiful.
A main dish as a building would stand out by doing that.
We're thinking a staff would like to be the professional group.

We have work from 2005.
That was functioning by this industry from before.
A correct number isn't grasped.
It's being also renewed at present.
I think of experience of construction as about 1000 houses.

We have started in Yamaguchi-City from 2005 under the name as "VAR/LIANT".

Satoru miyata               Akito Uesaka               Miho Uozumi               Masafumi Koga     

Do a network in western Japan.
In each office, a person in charge, it's stationed.

We're also putting the emphasis on the way to express.
We make the proposition to tend to understand a customer.


We aren't the company which just lines a ready-made article.
It's appreciated by making an original one point thing.


We interviewed your customer family who dealt formerly.